The Team

Chris Mayne

Chair and Under 7s Knights Manager

Damian Brown

Secretary and Under 4s Coach

Norman Wilson

Finance Officer

Sarah Thwaites

Welfare Officer

Linda Soderberg Ferguson Registration Secretary

Tommy Cain

Under 16s Manager

Alistair Beaumont

Under 16s Coach

Steve Kilifin

Under 16s Coach

Steven Holliday

Under 12s Manager

Matt Proctor

Under 12s Coach

Neil Whiteman

Under 11s Manager

Jonny Gerrard

Under 11s Coach

Andy Pyle

Under 10s Warriors Manager

Iain Black

Under 10s Warriors Coach

Adam Kay

Under 10s Eagles Manager

Kate Mason

Under 10s Eagles Coach

Steve Marshall

Under 9s Manager

Daryl Hayton

Under 9s Coach

Mark Pacholczak

Under 9s Coach

Iain Pierpoint

Under 8s Rockets Manager

Matt Thwaite

Under 8s Rockets Coach & Under 6s Coach

Mathew Short

Under 8s Bulls Manager

Callum Thwaites

Under 8s Bulls Coach

Scott Laybourne

Under 7s Raptors Manager

Andy Watkinson

Under 7s Raptors Coach

Jonathan Pink

Under 7s Raptors Coach

James Law

Under 6s Manager

John Clarke

Under 6s Coach

John Lambert

Under 5s Manager

Andy Churton

Goalkeeping Coach

Kirsten Lambert

Under 5s Coach

Owen Cross

Under 4s Coach