Our History

From small acorns...

Original Badge Design 1

Final Badge Design

Original Badge Design 2

The village of Halton has a long history of football and has seen a number of youth initiatives introducing football to young people. The history of Halton Juniors FC started around 2008 when a group of parents got together to support the existing youth football training programme that was taking place at the centre on a Saturday. Those parents and existing volunteers formed the club. To achieve affiliation to the FA we needed to make a name choice and after a vote, Halton Juniors FC was formed. We were keen to keep affiliation to Halton Rangers FC (the village adult team) however with another youth variation of that same name we weren't able to.

Full affiliation to Lancashire FA was achieved two years later (21st July 2010) and within a year the club had achieved Club Charter Standard Status, a recognition of our commitment to developing players and also our coaching team.

With our name agreed, we then wanted to create an identity. We discussed what was important to us and what we wanted to stand for. We were clear, it should be about Safety and Enjoyment for all, these are the two founding principles that remain in place today. 

To help with our visual identity, we asked the players at the club to help design our club badge. The two pictures either side of our club badge are the original winning entries from two of our players. We discussed these at length and with the help of a talented artist, we merged them into one badge.

The multi coloured ball  represents the diversity of football and the acceptance of players from all backgrounds. The river symbol represents the River Lune which is an important feature of our community. 

Our original kit colour and combination was based on the Spanish world cup winning squad of 2010 and through most of our training kit, coaching tops and accessories, red remains a dominant colour of the club, which flows through our badge. 

From a starting squad of approximately 16 players across two age groups, the club now has over 200 players registered and over 35 coaches and club officials who give their time to support the players.  The club has ambition to continue growing but we wont forget our principles.